Birth Doula Services


Preparing for a new baby is an exciting and overwhelming time. Glory Birth understands this, and is here to assist as you explore you options and figure out what works best for you and your family as you prepare for your birth and postpartum period. 

From the moment you become a client, your expereinced doula team goes on-call for you 24/7, providing unbiased, confident, continual support and reassurance as you prepare for labor and postpartum. Working as a team gives us both a chance form a connection with you so you are comfortable and confident with whomever is on call for your birth! We will be in phone contact for whatever you may need and you will have valuable face to face time with us during our prenatal visits to help you with your custom birth plan, answer any questions and address any concerns you may have.

This means there are no unfamiliar faces in the moments when you need support the most, and the sense of community established in pregnancy is maintained throughout your birth and beyond.

Glory Birth labor support includes:

  • A complimentary consultation

  • A private, in-home meeting with us at 36 weeks (or sooner by request)

  • Unlimited phone and email support

  • Unlimited in-person support during labor

  • Support during initial postpartum

  • Check-in from your doula team day after birth

  • An in-person postpartum follow-up visit with us in your home

  • Phone support during the initial postpartum period to answer any questions that you may have