Brittany O'Quinn is a trained Placenta Encapsulation Specialist serving the Northshore. She completed training with Placenta Benefits and has her OSHA Blood Borne Pathogens and Louisiana Food Handlers License. Encapsulation takes place in her dedicated workspace, away from her family kitchen or in the clients home. If you have any questions on safety protocols, concerns, or would like more information Brittany would be happy to answer any questions. 

About Encapsulation: 

During your pregnancy you are sure to take great care of yourself, have you considered how you will do this after you give birth? Caring for yourself following the birth of your baby is an important piece of the postpartum puzzle that can often be forgotten. Many new mothers are choosing placenta encapsulation as a natural way to improve their fourth trimester. 

Childbirth causes a woman’s hormonal levels to drop significantly after birth causing the common baby blues, fatigue, and “foggy” feeling. Baby Blues have become such a common part of postpartum that there is currently nothing else to try to treat it. Choosing to ingest your placenta after birth is believed to help level out these hormones allowing for a smoother transition. Your placenta is the perfect supplement for you, because its made BY you!

Women who have taken their encapsulated placenta after giving birth report:

  • an increase in energy levels

  • an absence in mood swings and irritibility

  • lack of baby blues

  • faster physical recovery

  • increase in milk production

Placenta Encapsulation involves dehydrating, grinding, and placing the powder into capsules for the mother to consume to assist in her postpartum recovery. Brittany O'Quinn is a trained specialist who holds her OSHA approved Blood Borne Pathogen certification and Louisiana Food Handlers License to ensure the highest level of safety. Encapsulation may take place in her private workspace or in the clients home.

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