A doula is a non medical professional who provides physical and emotional support to a woman during pregnancy, labor and the initial postpartum period. As a birth doula Brittany O'Quinn will help you prepare for your birth by assisting in creating a birth plan and supporting you as you discover the options you would like available to you. Prenatal appointments are used to answer any questions you may have about the pregnancy and birth process and to help you prepare by going over labor comfort measures and delivery positions and options. When labor begins you will have phone support from Brittany until you decide you would like her to join you for face to face support. Once she joins you she will use her training and experience to make you feel as comfortable as possible, confident in your decisions and assist in keeping your birth space. From the moment the contract is signed Brittany is on call 24/7 for any questions, concerns and the birth itself. 

*Studies show that having a doula increases the likelihood of a spontaneous vaginal birth while decreasing the use of pitocin, pain medications, and cesarean sections. There was also an increase in overall satisfaction of the birth experience.

Birth Doula Package- $1,000
Complimentary Consultation
Unlimited Phone and E-Mail Support
2 Prenatal Visits
Birth Plan Consulting
Labor Support
1 Postpartum Visit

Birth Plan Consulting- $50
1 Hour Visit
E-Mail & Text Support
If you are not a Glory Birth Doula Client but wish to have assistance with the creation of a birth plan, Brittany O'Quinn will meet with you to help you create a plan tailored to your needs and answer any questions you may have regarding policies and procedures at local hospitals.